How to: Get more from your mind

Shape your mind, or others will do it for you!

by Alexandru Lache

You are the masterpiece

Thinking is an art!

The way your mind works defines who you are, how you communicate, what you take into account and how you interpret things.
It also influences what you are inclined to do and the results that you get.

How do you treat your mind?
What is your relationship with it?

A happy mind is more efficient. Discover the conditions necessary to reach this state.
Let's put your mind at work!

The work of your mind

- Lighten your mind's work. By connecting related concepts and by making them clear, you have convenient access to them and avoid forgetting many things.
- Take what you can do at a time. As you solve different matters, you should get a feeling of relief and achievement.
- In our days, handling lots of information is becoming the standard. Develop and structure your view on this. Find out more about that in this useful article about "How to Deal with information overload".
- Having a habit of starting, that is to say, doing some things like: going to a specific room, preparing your work environment, opening an information source or a planning list, diminishes the barrier of starting work and sets the tone.

Colors of the mind

Fear of Failure

Perfectionism and idealism can subconsciously cause you to avoid new things that might lead to failure.
Believe in yourself! Even if you can't always see your value, it is there!
Consider the worst-case scenario and look at what you can change and do your best to improve it!
Great people are remembered for what they did right, not for the many times when they tried and failed.
You often can pay the price for situational aspects that are beyond your control or your fault, so that you might as well go there and have a good time!

Focused vs. Diffuse thinking

Focused thinking is a type of thinking where the mind is tightly judging through the problem, going in the small space around. This means it encounters extra resistance, a fact that can usually be beneficial in a well-understood situation.
The diffuse way of thinking is more scattered, exploring other concepts, not so obvious or related, possibly finding a way around the problem. Creative and innovative problems are more suited for this.
Focused mode is more predictable. It is like trying to cut a piece of wood in a straight line. On the other hand, the diffuse mode is like splitting the wood, thus finding a new weaker path through the wood.
You can observe that both modes are good, depending on the nature of the problem.

Your situation

Passion and motivation
When you find the task engaging, you are more effective and dedicated.
Your mind is delighted by the knowledge it desires.
When you want to succeed and neither the difficulties, the work or your situation won't stop you, then you will find the power to do it.
If the thing is important enough, you will do it anyhow.

Your mind
- Exercising your mind is essential, give it work to do. Internet reliance is becoming prevalent and makes you less likely to tackle your problems and get new results. Avoid overstimulation, paradoxically it can make you less creative.
- Avoid hardwiring the same thinking. Learn new and different things, so that the mind can be bright when you need it.
- Dispose of what you don't require right now. Put it down in Zaprefy!
- Observe if you are making emotional decisions, default decisions or take the easiest way.

Your time
- Securing dedicated time of uninterrupted attention means your mind doesn't have to work at switching context and to remember what it was all about. A way to glance at that context can help you.
- Take your time. Pressure can be a blessing or a hindrance, thou too much pressure is best to be reduced and managed. It is better to target being practical. Rushing can lead to inadequate results and also leave you exhausted. Quality work requires quality time. No more, no less.

Your body
- Being well-rested is beneficial, so you have the power required to push through and get the desired results.
- Physical exercise stimulates your system and gets it going, it is a beneficial factor for your health and energy.
- It is important that you eat enough and avoid excess. Study on yourself how food influences you. Try new foods to diversify your diet.
- Take the right path. I believe you become your decisions, your habits. You should be in control.

All these will reflect in your results most of the time.

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