Structure vs. Content - The new space

The art of hiding information from you in plain view!

by Alexandru Lache

We read the same thing, and understand it differently.
We face the same challenges, and react differently.
We live the same experience again, and perceive it differently.

Repeating events or reviewing content can be processed differently because of our changed:
- internal state: more or less sensitive, new knowledge, our energy levels, focus, needs and others
- external state: light level, noise, viewing angle, warmth, clothes, accessories and more.

Why structure information?

How to stay ahead on a level playing field?
How to limit the chaos of everyday life?
Expand your consciousness. Content can help you in specific cases. The structure represents a higher perspective, a metagame. You will have a better understanding of what is happening, above the plain content.
With structure, you get a more generalized perspective of how to stay ahead.

We are often tempted to consider that we are skilled in dealing with information and managing it.
When the critical moment comes, if things didn't go as desired, we quickly find a false explanation.
It is important to exercise and be mindful because
"It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared." - Les Brown


Content is information contained and expressed through a medium (written, spoken, drawn, body language, social websites, phone calls, e-mails, and others).
Some examples of content include:
- courses, seminars, scientific material
- ideas, objectives
- people: friends, colleagues, contacts
- skills, personality, personal development
- articles, books, documents, documentaries, tutorials
- media content: videos, music, audio, games, images, pictures
- tasks, to-do lists, work items
- goods and services, stores and service providers, reviews, documentation
- news, financial information
- medical information, medical diagnostics, medical service providers
- diets, food recipes, ingredients, drinks
- physical exercises
- many more


Structure denotes the arrangement and organization of concrete or abstract parts. These parts are known inside Zaprefy as Elements.
The structure is made up of layers of Elements, layers that can be comprised of:
- categories, subdivisions
- date, time or interval
- statuses (degree of completion, certainty, acceptance)
- properties, fields, components
- source, destination
- priorities
- usage
- connections or relations
- location or links to the information
- other concepts


Structure brings a lot of value to the content and, in a way, it gives life to content, making it relevant.
Raw wood for a house vs. a wood house. Which one would you rather have during a storm?
Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and other chemical elements that comprise you, as a human vs. you as a person. What would you rather be?
The structure comprises the level above the content and it provides perspective to the mundane and the underestimated.

Zaprefy is the tool that offers the support required to structure and preserve information.
Zaprefy will change the way you look at information structure and content!
Be present and have a solid structure alongside Zaprefy!