Shape information, free your mind!

Most people try hard to achieve their goals and dreams. So, we created a multi-purpose tool to help them develop a new personalized perspective, to visually combine different data in one place, to manage complexity and focus, in a clean, fast, uniform and flexible way.

Who can use Zaprefy?

It is for those who work with information, who like success and are willing to put in the required effort.

Plus, it's usable in many fields!

Zaprefy at home For those at Home

Enjoying yourself or working is easy and more pleasant. You define your interests.
Keep and sort links (web sites, music, videos, games, pictures, documents, files and folders), plain texts, formatted texts and hand notes seamlessly and accessible at any time!

Zaprefy at work For Employees at Work

Efficiency and inspiration are crucial for being appreciated, valued, getting more money and advancing your career.
Bring products and services to life with your personal touch! Stay focused on the task at hand!

Zaprefy at work For Business owners at Work

Get more money by improving people, products and processes!
How important is it to you that you grow your business? Do you want this business to be a big deal?
- Get new employees excited about new training ways, where they can study precisely what they select, avoiding lengthy documentation!
- Keeping information unified and easy to open, means it's more likely to be a benefit at a later time!
- Share innovation among people in a structured way!
- Rarely used information is easy to retrieve!

Benefits and inspiration

Improved experience

√ It is adaptable, multi-purpose. Usable in new situations.
√ Experience different views.
√ Enjoy an improved life. Grow new ideas and perspectives.
√ Continue from where you or others have stopped. Elements stay open even after you have closed Zaprefy!
√ Start with the big picture and continue to develop. Follow your interests!

Better usage

√ Create your menu.
√ Get rid of open tabs.
√ Drag & Drop almost everything.
√ Search.
√ Easy to understand by being uniform, standardized.

More time Would you like to have more time to enjoy your passions, friends, and family?

√ More time without having to search or research again.
√ Get an environment more resilient to distractions and task switching.
* Recent studies have shown we can save 23 minutes and 15 seconds, on average, after each distraction or task switching.

More time Info at your convenience

√ Personal database available at any moment, refresh and update info.
√ Quickly move information around.
* We hold 5 to 9 items in our working memory. (Miller's law)

Together we are

the observers,
the learners,
the dreamers,
the makers,
the planners
of new ways for clearer information.
The world in your view!

Seeking understanding
We seek new paths,
we discover,
we imagine,
we struggle
to better grasp our world.

There are no targets, finer than ours,
no other battles, we'd rather bear,
and no other purpose, to pursue!
The view

The path
The obstacles, we brave,
only, show us the way!