How to: Get New Ideas & Develop Ideas

Beyond every idea there is a new piece of the path!

by Alexandru Lache

The environment to grow ideas!

Ideas are the fruits of our minds.

Only we can create and grow them.
In the beginning, ideas can be quite fragile.

Sometimes we are remembered for our ideas.
And some ideas live far longer than we imagined.

Let's go over some steps for getting and developing ideas!


What do you dream of? What do you desire? Answer these questions vividly, the more details the better.
Your desire, for a certain thing, ensures your enthusiasm and the investment of the necessary time and effort.
Also setting requirements, objectives and limits make your dreams more specific and will help you guide your ideas.

Let light shine on your ideas!

Get ready

Here are some exact aspects to consider:

- Make sure you write down ideas, in Zaprefy or on paper. Also, the structure gives birth to creativity. It can point you to the alternatives.
- Declutter the environment in which you think, even useful objects can get in the way or distract your attention. Keep a calm and elegant space.
- Taking a shower relaxes your body and mind and it also promotes your creativity.
- Allow yourself to be bored. This makes you more susceptible to considering different ways of thinking. Multi-tasking is usually not well suited for imaginative work.

- Experiment with a different time of day, tone, rhythm or body position.
- Change the fields of study. Try going without tech, or at least a new tech, because it can often make us lose time and omit different perspectives.
- Have an open awareness of the things you usually ignore. Also, consider points of view you don't usually take.

- Avoid over-focusing on one thing or aspect.
- If you are overwhelmed, try taking small steps to make it easier.
- When feeling stuck prepare contrasting and inspirational information.

Explore ideas - Approaches

According to the goals you set:
- you can follow only these goals - an Authoritarian approach
- go around these goals - a Declarative approach
- look for corresponding properties - the Characteristics that delight approach (ad)

By the way you progress:
- grow around a set core - Iterative
- start from the opposite part - Reverse
- avoid or follow specific things - Associative or Dissociative
- discuss and approve a consensus (tip: start the conversation with a gift) - Conversational
- create a description by imagining how an existing or new product, service or process was created - Story
- modify a part of an existing concept - Variations
- find similarities with a concept - Correlate

Of course, you can use hybrid approaches by combining and creating new ones:
- create middle ground
- exaggerate
- temper

Refine & simplify

Many ideas after they are defined, need more or less polishing.
Put aside the parts that are not necessary.
Refine the steps and make them more natural and elegant.
You can also find metaphors to make your ideas better understood.

Work on ideas now in Zaprefy!
Create, develop, store and improve your ideas!